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It is advised to review the 下降的政策 before you drop any courses. A dropped/withdrawn course may affect your GPA, 金融援助, and result in additional fees in future terms.

Refund for Dropped Classes

所有学生的退学或净学分减免退款政策如下. All refunds are calculated in calendar days from the class start date.

The refund policy for one day courses shall be:

  • 100% if initiated before the day of class.
  • No refund as of the day the class begins.


  • 100% if initiated on or before the first day of class
  • No refund after the first day of class


  • 100% if initiated on or before the seventh day of class.
  • 50% if initiated on or before the fourteenth day of class.
  • No refund after the fourteenth day of class.


  • 100% if initiated on or before the fourth day of class.
  • 50% if initiated on or before the seventh day of class.
  • No refund after the seventh day of class.

Note: For internet classes, the first class meeting is considered to be 8 a.m. of the first business day of the week in which the course began.

The refund policy for community education courses:

  • 100% if the college cancels the class.
  • 如果学生在第一天上课前至少七天退出社区教育课程, the student will receive 100% refund.
  • 如果学生在开课前七天内退课,学费不予退还.


No refund shall be given for health and accident insurance premiums.

Exceptions to the Refund Policy


Exceptions require the approval of the President or designee.

在下列情况下,学生可以全额退还所有注册费和学费,前提是他们在学期内的任何时间退出并完成所需的文书工作. Documentation of circumstance is required:

  • Deployment of the student in the United States Armed Forces;
  • Death or incapacitation resulting from an illness or injury of the student; or spouse, 孩子, 家长, 或学生的法定监护人阻止学生返回学校
    for the remainder of the semester;
  • Verifiable error on the part of the institution.
  • 有雇主证明的机构服务范围以外的非自愿工作调动,或者
  • 其他学校或学生无法控制的特殊情况.

To apply for a refund under the above circumstances, see the Request for Refund Exception E-form.

退款的异常, 这些都是被批准的, may be applied back to student's 金融援助 or other past due balances.


退款 and Credit Balances

In the case of a refund or any other incidence of credit balance, 任何学分将在退还给学生之前应用于其他合格余额.


学生付款的退款将在预定付款的学期的增删期后发给学生, 然后是每周一次. The student’s account will be reviewed prior to issue of the refund for accuracy, to make sure no corrections are necessary, and to ensure the refund is due to the student and not a 3rd party.

If the student paid by cash, 检查, 或卡在家里, 或者通过网上电子支票,学生将被开出一张支票,并将其邮寄到存档的地址. 或者,如果学生注册了直接存款,退款将直接发送到他或她的银行账户. 如果学生在网上用信用卡付款,退款将退回到用于付款的信用卡.



存钱罐图.助学金退款要到开课前的周五才会发放, 然后是每周一次 as funds are received and applied. 在发放退款之前,学生的账户将被审查,以确保准确性,并确保支付金额不需要调整, which can in some cases create a balance due instead of a refund. 所有的经济援助学生需要熟悉自己的资格要求.

退款将以纸质支票形式发放,除非学生已注册直接存款, in which case the funds would be sent directly to the student’s bank account. 学生必须到他们当地的分支机构从财政援助办公室取回支票释放表. 学生的账户将在那时进行审查,以确保入学没有变化,也没有到期的余额. 然后,他们将带着放行表到财务总监办公室,在那里他们将签署放行表并收到支票.

获得联邦财政援助的学生参加澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载,并在一个学期内100%退出课程,受联邦退款和还款规定的约束. 这些规定只适用于收到的联邦财政援助(第四章),并以“挣得”与“不劳而获”的方式编写. 相应的适用金额取决于学生在完全退学之前上课的天数. 在一个学期中,只有部分退课的学生将遵循澳门新甫京娱乐游戏下载的一般退款政策.


For 金融援助 purposes, prior to a student withdrawing from all classes, 学生可以, 以书面形式, 向学生服务副校长或指定人员申请请假. 12个月内只准休假一次,休假不得超过180天.

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